# Keyboard Shortcuts

# Introduction

NetSuite has a variety of available keyboard shortcuts that can help you drop your mouse and navigate from you keyboard. Ask any developer and they will tell you that mastering keyboard shortcuts makes life easier all around while navigating programs and entering data. NetSuite is no exception to that rule.

You can press Alt+G to move the cursor directly to the Global Search field.

# Entering Data and Completing Forms

  • Hold Alt and type a letter to move to a subtab.
  • In transaction headers, press Enter to save the transaction.
  • On a transaction line, press Enter to save the line and go to the next.
  • Press Tab to move the cursor between fields and buttons.
  • Spacebar checks or clears a checkbox field In Amount fields, enter numbers to calculate by addition or subtraction
  • Hold Ctrl and click with your mouse to select multiple choices in a list

# Date Fields

  • Press Shift+T to enter tomorrow's date.
  • Press p to enter the end of the current period.
  • Press l to enter the end of the previous period.
  • Press t to enter today's date.
  • Press y to enter yesterday's date.
  • Press m to enter the last day of the month.
  • Press the Plus Sign + to increase by one day. -Press the Minus Sign - to decrease by one day.

# Viewing Reports

  • Press Page Up to go to the previous page of a report.
  • Press Page Down to go to the next page of a report.
  • Press Home to o to the first page of a report.
  • Press End to go to the last page of a report.

# Filtering Search Results

  • Use the Tab key to navigate between filters.
  • Use the Up/Down Arrows to select an option from a filter.
  • Use the Tab key to apply the selected filter.

# Conclusion

If you would like to learn more about NetSuite navigation or NetSuite in general please reach out to me directly through LinkedIn (opens new window) or by emailing info@mysuite.tech

Patrick Olson - LinkedIn ProfileBy: Patrick Olson (opens new window) 2/20/2018

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